Delivery kitchens designed for efficiency and profitability


Efficiency and profitability that change the game  

Turn-key solution

Be up and running in a month

Prime location

Without the prime cost

Test multiple concepts

Experiment from 1 kitchen
Add revenue streams

Focus on the food

We take care of everything else

Central platform

Manage it all -from deliveries to staff and insights- from one tablet

Profits like never before

Reduce costs & increase revenue


Lower delivery fees

Our partners enjoy better delivery terms

Dine-in spaces

More sales with our dine-in facilities


Welcome to the Keaze revolution

Traditional Restaurant

+ $1M Building Cost  

+ 2,000 sq ft brick & mortar 

1 Location in 12 months

10 Locations in 5-10 years

30 employees

45 min delivery

Break-even in 5 years

(10% profit on $1M run rate)

Keaze Ghost Kitchen

$20K-75K ready-to-cook

200-300 sq ft low-cost kitchen 

1 Location in 3 weeks

20-30 locations in 1 year

4-6 cooks

15 min delivery

Break-even in 6 months

(10% profit on $1M run rate)


It’s eaze peasy, no joking

Get the paperwork

With our pre-approved kitchens you just need to submit your business license

We will help you with the process and you will be ready in a couple of weeks

You have access to the kitchen from day one

Get ready to cook

We adapt the kitchen to your food concept and equipment needs

We will help you with delivery optimisation -from menu design to marketing- so you can focus on cooking

With our expertise you will be the master of delivery

You're live

Start making money!

You will be up and running in less than a month
Pretty good, isn't it?

With our support you will increase your sales and efficiency every month

Where we are

Where will you be?

keaze ghost kitchen us locations map

Under Construction

Future locations


Discover your new best friend

All from one tablet

Manage all your orders – and more!

Streamline your orders and get the whole picture of your business without the headache of ten tablets


Our prime ghost kitchens are pre-approved and have passed all necessary inspections. To start cooking you just need your business license and to adapt the kitchen to your appliance needs. In less than a month voilà, you’re rock and rolling!

Depending on the location and type of kitchen, we have minimum leases of 6 or 12 months, the minimum time to consolidate a restaurant business.

We guarantee you will want to stay longer and expand with us, all our partners do.

Keaze is much better than a brick and mortar restaurant, where you need a minimum of $500K, 1 year of development and many employees. With as little as $25K and a couple of chefs you can be up and running in less than a month. 

Keaze offers you the most cost-efficient and complete partnership for you to use delivery to sky-rocket your business. Beating all competition, Keaze offers the lowest cost for prime locations that offer the highest delivery capacity. While our competitors only treat you as a tenant, we treat you as our partner and help you in every step of the way. From brand and menu design to delivery optimisation, we help you increase your sales and profit every month!

There is no trick, just eaze in your kitchen.

Our kitchens are in prime locations, but since our facilities are optimised for delivery, you pay a tiny portion of a normal b&m rent. Utilities are shared, labor cost is slashed, front-of-house expenses disappear and efficiency sky-rockets so you can increase your margins and boost your profits.

Add our delivery expertise and better delivery platform terms and you have a cocktail for incredible success.

You can add more revenue streams and increase product and labor efficiency by having different food concepts. We support you through our service goodfood®️ and ensure your brands are topping the delivery platforms.

It depends on your serving hours and order demand. For an average 10am-12am you will need around 4 cooks. Nevertheless, through our delivery optimisation service goodfood®️ we ensure our partners have very high order demand, so more cooks might be needed to be able to meet your demand.

Yes, really, that’s all. We provide cleaning, order running, support, security, management and much more, so all you have to do is cook.

With keaze your fixed costs are much lower and your orders are the same or more than a traditional restaurant, thanks to our prime locations and our support. Furthermore, our partners have lower delivery fees thanks to our better delivery terms.

That’s why achieving profits takes one tenth of the time of a traditional restaurant! Our partners are making profits 3-6 months after opening on average. We know, WOW.

Our delivery locations offer much higher profits and lower costs than a brick and mortar. 

Although some of our locations are delivery only, we offer and keep developing prime food halls in which your restaurant will benefit from both delivery and in-person dining, at a tiny fraction of the cost you’d have with your own brick and mortar.

Keaze kitchens are the fastest path to expansion and success.

Ready to grow your restaurant business?

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